MRôlo x RTP1

“Cosido à Mão” is the new bet of RTP1 and Shine Iberia Portugal in partnership with MRôlo. A talent show that seeks the best non-professional tailor in Portugal, with weekly challenges testing skill, creativity and knowledge.

Supported by MRôlo products, the team made up of Paulo Battista, Mariana Barbosa and Susana Agostinho (tailor, fashion PR and stylist) guarantee the quality and execution of the creations, supported by the best props, mannequins and props.

Every Saturday, at 9 pm, competitors are put to the test in the most creative challenges of Portuguese fashion. Their skills and knowledge are tested to the smallest detail by the elite judges.

The choice of the program, on the mannequins and busts MRôlo, proves that the consistency and finishing technique of the creators is, in part, by the use of the best mannequins on the market. Molded and sewn with the best methods, MRôlo articles fill the studio with life and inspire all competitors to create the best piece.

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