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How does the catalogue on the MRôlo website works?
Checking our catalogue, the customer will be able to browse through all of our available categories, see the details of our products and will be able to add them to the cart, in order to request a quote.
Are all MRôlo products present on the online catalogue?
Yes, all of our products (Mannequins, Busts, Torsos, Hangers, among others) are present in this online catalogue, but some products are exclusive to registered users. However, if you are looking for a determined posture, model or special color that is not available, please contact us.
How can I order a product?
The customer is free to create his own cart with the products he is interested in. After completing this step, the client can submit the cart to MRôlo and chose to be contacted by phone or email to complete the process.
Is it possible to rent the products?
Yes, MRôlo provides this service for all its products. You can get in touch with us through the contact area "Contact Us" to find out more.
Is it possible to customize and repair mannequins?
Yes, MRôlo offers these two types of services. For this, you can contact us through the contact area "Contact Us".