Sobre a MRôlo - Do principio a internacionalizacao

From the beginning to crossing borders

Today the path is clear: access to good aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the success of the retail. And, in fact it has always been like that.

When Manuel Rôlo founded what today is MRôlo, together with his wife Ema, there was a clear need to bring a business to life. There was a lack of options for those who wanted to transform their shops into more appealing areas. Progressively, they started – first they arrived in the Algarve, then Madeira island, until they covered the entire Iberian Peninsula.

The beginning of a new era

From the first decade of 2000 a new era begins. Without compromising quality, ideas and logistic, MRôlo focuses mainly on SMEs and maintains an exclusive partnership in Portugal with Window Mannequins – one of the largest global player in the fashion industry.

O começo de uma nova era
Showrooms MRôlo - Showroom Lisboa

Lisbon Showroom

You can get to know all MRôlo’s collections and products by visiting our showroom in Lisbon. Please schedule a visit to find out about more about all options available.

Showrooms MRôlo - Showroom Porto

Oporto Showroom

MRôlo showroom opened in Oporto is always available to receive you. Please schedule a visit with our consultants or visit us whenever you want to get to know all our products.

Showrooms MRôlo - Showroom Madrid

Madrid Showroom

Our first international showroom is waiting for your visit. Talk to a consultant of our team and keep up to date with all our new products.

Sobre a MRôlo - Sofisticação
Sobre a MRôlo - Design
Sobre a Mrôlo - Qualidade
Equipa MRolo


We are a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of experience, always ready to help you in everything you need. We repair mannequins with the same dedication that we create new ones, with the same passion and motivation because if there is anything that unites us, it is the passion for the democratization of aesthetics.

Window Mannequins x MRôlo

In Portugal, we are the only distributor of Window Mannequins products – one of the largest world powers in the sector. Leader in the design, development and construction of mannequins internationally, it offers bold and disruptive solutions for some of the most interesting and recognized international fashion groups in the world. The relationship between Window Mannequins and MRôlo has been going on for more than twenty years, being this a key partner in acquiring the best products for your business.

MRôlo e Window Mannequins

Our clients

Their stories merge with ours. Over the years, scenarios and characters have evolved and transformed, with our guarantee of products suitable for all needs.