Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question is not mentioned on this page, please contact us through our email or the "Contact us" tab.

What are the business hours of the company?

We are in operation Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30. If you wish to visit us another time, please contact us.

In additon to selling products, does Mrolo also has rental and repair services?

Yes. Any customer has the possibility to request a rental of our products, as well as the repair of any piece. To do so, simply contact us.

Does Mrolo sell products to individuals?

Yes. We have customers who purchase our products for their homes, offices and other locations.

If I want to renew my commercial property or window display, what should I do?

You will just need to contact us. We will send a specialized person to visit you and to do the mapping of the property. You will then be presented a project and a budget as well.

Does Mrolo only perform commercial properties renovations in Portugal?

No, we performed and expect to continue to perform those kind of renovations in many countries besides Portugal.

For decoration purposes of commercial properties, does Mrolo only work with furniture by measure or also with standard products?

We work with both solutions. We have many standard products that enable us to perform the decoration of a commercial property in a short time, but we also have the alternative of decorating a commercial property with personalizaded products or by measure.

If I submit you a project, will you perform it?

Yes. Customers can opt or not for a project created by us. If you want to present ourselves to the draft, we will be happy to run it.

If I give you the key to the commercial property, will you take care of everything, delivering it ready?

Yes. We will proceed to the changes you need, we present the project and carry out all the necessary work untill completion.