MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial

Special Mannequins and Dress Forms

All mannequins from MRolo hold an excellent design, shape and refined and exclusive makeovers that leave no customer indifferent. Our mannequins represent people. Were made ​​from real models and reflect perfectly their bodies, attitude and way of being. Based on the new fashion trends, we built a huge variety of collections of mannequins with different concepts tailored to your business. Get to know them by visiting our online catalogue.

MRolo Accessories and Complements

The variety and quality of MRolo Manequins products allows us to meet most of your needs in stores equipment and decoration. Our offer is complemented with essentially mannequins, busts, torsos, accessories exhibitors, lingerie models, clothing exhibitors and chariots, furniture, hangers, ironing steams (vaporeta) and labeling machines. Learn about our collections in more detail.

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Mannequin - From planning to sale

2019-01-15 - 15:21:31

Anyone who observes the final result of a shop window, is far from imagining all the creative and development work involved in the pieces displayed on the mannequins.Typically, for each creation are months of research, hundreds of sketches, fitting proofs and quality tests. Complementarily(...)