Mannequins for stores – What are the advantages?

The point of sale, nowadays, must present itself as a place in constant adaptation to what the consumer demands, so as not to resent online consumption, which has been growing at a fast pace in recent years. . Although this is the reality, there is a solution to attract audiences for shops and high street stores.

To this end, it will be preponderant that shopkeepers and merchants understand that, in order to capture the public for their store experiences, they have to constantly invest in altering their spaces, that is, if they do not intend to stop in time and lose their sales share. Improving the identity of the store does not have to be a complicated process, and that involves defining the personality of the place and improving its image and presentation of services.

How? How do we convince customers to like what is ours? We do not convince, we show.

Offer an unparalleled experience. When we are talking about a physical store, the differentiating factor can be in the variety of clothes, in the quality of the products, in the way the articles are displayed on the busts and mannequins of the store and even in the personalized service. The customer must feel comfortable and satisfied with the purchase process, but also with the environment. Therefore, it is important to invest in tools capable of optimizing these procedures.

When using mannequins for your shop windows and store environments, you are giving the customer several pieces of information:

1. Space organization and aesthetics;
2. Visualization of the article on the mannequin, facilitating the creation of a mental image;
3. Conjugation of store pieces on the mannequin;
4. Confidence in the aesthetics of the collections;
5. Poses and safe postures that convey confidence to the customer in the use of the piece.

Thus it is concluded that the mannequins are, in fact, a profitable and consistent solution in a commercial space. Many boutiques and brands, even with limited budgets, choose to follow this model of presentation in store that can be seen all over the world.

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