Second Life - Segundas Oportunidades

Second chances

The decision to buy a mannequin comes as something permanent. At first, we think of a timeless decision, for “life”. However, fashion trends require constant adaptation and transformation. A good mannequin, but outdated, may have a second chance.

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We can help you, advising you on the best way to do it: from painting to a new color, placing a new head, repairing damaged parts, among other services. The mannequins will earn a new aspect, a new life, being reborn.

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Serviços Second Life - Renascer
Serviços Second Life - Somos Exigentes

We are demanding

Each painting and renovation project have its own characteristics and requirements. In this way, we will assess your needs and present you a proposal according to your needs.

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Previous Projects

We transform old parts of mannequins into display parts for accessories. We develop new models of mannequins with different positions. We put on new heads and paint your mannequin.

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