Serviços de Reparação - A melhor opção

The best option

The purchase of a new mannequin is an investment for which you may not be prepared. So if possible, repair instead of replacing. A damaged mannequin does not have to be put aside or end up in the warehouse. Our workshop can repair your mannequin and solve your problem.

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Quality control

Our repair work is carried out by specialized technicians, in a strict quality control process.

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Serviços de Reparação - Controlo de qualidade
Serviços de Reparação - Todas as possibilidades

All possibilities

Different colors and finishing options are available, placement or replacement of heads, repair of mannequins or only parts.

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Previous Projects

Discover some of the repairs and transformations developed by our team.

Serviços Mrôlo - Aluguer de manequinss
Serviço de Alugueres
Serviço de Alugueres